My Antonia

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Cather, Willa
P36-38-story of 2 men who were driving a bride and groom. Men threw the couple to the wolves to lighten the wagon to save themselves. IX-p42-singing in church P47-christian people often forget “they were her brother’s keepers” XI-p48-52-xmas described-gifts, tree, story of 3 kings and baby in manger (not told in great detail), father reads chapter in St. Mathew about the birth of JC, prayers, man makes sign of the cross XIV-p51-60-old man commits suicide- described vividly. People say he is in purgatory. XV-p61-the family wants a priest to “pray over him”man says we believe you don’t need a priest because “JC is our only intercessor” P62-boy helps priest at the alter, first communion, vessels of the “holy sacrament” XVI-p67-family makes sign of the cross on the dead body P68- sing hymn- “JC lover of my soul” XVII-p70- “he not JC” P71-girl takes boy’s hand- affectionate, not romantic XVIII-p72-74-minor violence P77-woman kisses man’s hand out of gratefulness Book II IV-p92-92-detailed description of married man who enjoyed being with single girl VI-p98-woman believes that JC was born in Bohemia VII-p105- mixed dancing VIII-p108- ditto IX-p109-112 (whole chapter)- description of the dynamics of boy/girl relationships X-p113- girl slaps soon to be married (to someone else) man when he tries to kiss her XII-p122-mixed dancing, boy wants to kiss girl XIV-p130-girl flirts with boy- runs fingers through his hair XV-p134-135-man unsuccessfully tries to rape girl- not stated explicitly but clearly understood Book III IV-p156-157-girl explains why doesn’t want to marry P157- brief kiss P158- ditto Book IV Beginning of book IV, especially chapter III- description of how woman had illegitimate baby- states clearly that she never married baby’s father. Book V II-p188-boy describes how he and his father (married) danced with females Explanatory notes P208 -209- JC P216- man impregnated hired girls P221- greek mythology, hell P222- woman should agree to be man’s mistress
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