A Passage To India

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Forster, E.M.
Novel focuses on race relations between the natives of India and the British officials and their wives who are stationed in India. Plot revolves around an attempted assault on a British young woman. An Indian doctor is accused of the crime and sides are drawn between the accusers and the accused.
Boy/girl relationship, Tznius and Negiah
A constant discussion of mistresses, brothels, impropriety, being attracted or not attracted to a specific kind of girl, calling a girl a prude, commenting on her lack of prominent anatomy, thinking about relations with other gender (not stated so politely), contemplating about what lies to tell to get away to have relations with a woman in a different city,man asks bachelor if he has any illegitimate children,thinking if it is snobbery to only want to have relations with beautiful women, question if there was any impropriety when a man offered a woman housing in his college, etc. Men and women shake hands. Young couple decides not to get engaged for excellent reasons, but when their car is in a minor accident her hand accidentally touches his “ and one of the thrills so frequent in the animal kingdom passed between them, and announced that all their difficulties were only a lovers’ quarrel.” and more of the same.
Highly detailed description of Hinduism (seems like straight out avodah zarah)- pages and pages of minutely detailed practices and beliefs, religious songs with explanations, discussions of belief in gods, festival, temple,alter, etc. Some details about Islam and Christianity as well- mosques, missionaries, beliefs, G-d is referred to as Jeh--a, etc.. Discussions of atheism, does one truly believe in heaven, changing religious beliefs etc. Mention of prehistoric ocean.A lot of cigarette smoking. Towards the end of the book one sentence blames India’s problems on the Jews.
Language- damn/damned (multiple times), stupid/ stupidity, blast, idiot, nigger.
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