About us

Over 20 years ago, we embarked on a mission: to provide appropriate reading material for our children.

As concerned mothers and Bais Yaakov teachers, we noticed that the quality and content of the books available to children leaves much to be desired. As voracious readers ourselves, we know that the words a child (or adult!) reads can leave a permanent impression on his or her neshama. We also recognize that many children need the outlet that reading provides, and that frum-published literature, while increasing in quantity and quality, may not be enough to satisfy that need.

As we compiled and combined our lists of children's books, we decided, in consultation with Daas Torah, to make our list available to the frum public.

Our list is made up of our own personal opinions. It is not officially endorsed by any Rav or Yeshiva. It is entirely possible that we may have erred or overlooked some problems, or that you will disagree with our assessments. We apologize for any mistakes or unclear recommendations.

Please feel free to contact us with comments, suggestions, or concerns.

A. Avruch and S. Schwartz

New York