Isadora Moon


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Author: Calandrelli, Emily
Grades: 2 - 4
GIrl who loves science and inventing solves problems together with her artistic friend. A lot of information about science and technology in the back of the books.
Author: Pearson, Ridley
Grades: 5 - 7
Children who live near Disney World are hired to become "hologram hosts" but end up being brought to the park in their dreams to defeat evil. A lot of middle school culture and boy/girl.
Author: Marciano, Johnny and Emily Chenoweth
Grades: 3 - 6
Graphic novel about an alien cat who was banished to earth for being mean to the beings on his planet that he ruled. He is adopted by a boy and continually tries to return to his planet despite mishaps.
Author: Jamieson, Victoria
Grades: 2 - 4
Graphic novels about class pets who escape from their cages at night and have adventures and battles.
Author: Burgis, Stephanie
Grades: 4 - 7
A dragon who can transform into a girl who loves chocolate befriends humans and royalty and they have adventures.

Comments are explicit and detailed and are intended for parents to use to determine acceptability for their children. Please read comments - do not rely on ratings alone. Books are reviewed to the best of our abilities, we apologize for any errors.

Review Date Title Rating Mini Series Series No. Comments
06/02/2021 Isadora Moon Goes to School Generally Acceptable 1
A girl whose father is a vampire and mother is a fairy has trouble deciding which type of school to attend. In the end, she decides to go to human school where everyone is different from each other.
06/02/2021 Ada Lace and the Suspicious Artist Questionable 5
Girls discover that a famous artist really steals artwork from others. A lot of internet and technology. Girl offers to stay home and watch movies with her friend.Back of the book has a lot of information about getting into web design and coding. Girl hugs her friend to say goodbye- an older young man who helps her with computer programing- text and illustration- completely innocent.
screw it up, weird
05/31/2021 Disney After Dark Problematic 1
Disney World hires children to become "Hologram Hosts" and makes holograms of them that can walk around the park interacting with people. However, they soon find themselves returning to the park at night in their dreams and fighting evil. A lot of Disney culture and characters. Girls cover their lockers with pictures of movie stars. Girl wears "hip huggers and a shirt that exposed her belly button". Girl hugs boy to help him warm up when he feels unnaturally cold. Boy plays online game which is social media. Animatrons come to life and attack children violently. Boys joke that they are good at farting. Boys and girls hold hands so they won't be separated. Middle school boy has a "hot date" with a girl.
weird, psycho, stupid, freaked out, stink, giving me the creeps, creepy, dumb, freaking good, jerk
05/31/2021 Enemies Questionable 2
Boy goes to his new small-town school and makes friends by boasting about his relationship with the son of a famous comic book author but he doesn't tell them that they stopped being friends. Then his former friend moves to his hometown and the boy struggles to retain his popularity. His alien cat continues to try to find his way to his home planet. He trains two kittens to be warriors until his enemy comes to earth and challenges him. lots of talk of taking revenge on his enemies. Watches youtube. Lots of comic book culture. Juvenille bathroom humor- example- boys name their robot- ro- butt, it makes fart sounds etc. Hollywood producers take comic book author out to dinner since they want to make a movie based on her comic book series. Boy carries out a scheme to make his exfriend less popular, but after he regrets it.
nincompoop, stupidity, butt, butt cheek, idiotic, weird, moron, freaked out, jerk, dorky, freaking me out, dumb
05/30/2021 Klawde Evil Alien Warlord Cat Questionable 1
Boy moves to a small town and has difficulty adjusting. He pours out his heart to an alien cat who showed up at his door. The cat is not very nice and is busy trying to return to his planet to rule his people in a cruel way. Boy goes to a nature camp where some of his fellow campers display terrible middos. Many mentions of technology- laptops, cellphone, ipad, internet, lots of TV watching. JUvenile bathroom humor including litter boxes and toilets.
stupid, pee, poop, heck, idiotic, shut up, gross, weird, idiocy, darn it, crazy lunatic
05/30/2021 Double or Nothing with the Two and Only Kelly Twins Generally Acceptable
Twins learn that they survive being apart when their twin friends invite them to sleep over in separate houses.
05/27/2021 Sofia Valdez and the Vanishing Vote Questionable 4
Children run an election to choose a class pet. A girl becomes the "election commisioner" and struggles to keep the election fair. One girl writes that "birds evolved from dinosaurs". Another writes "turtles have existed for 215 million years". In the library there are real animals to read to called "reading buddies". They are all given names that are takeoffs on books which may or may not be appropriate, but if children never heard of the book, they won't understand the reference.
05/26/2021 The Great Art Caper Questionable 2
Graphic novel. Class pets who escape their cages at night try to prevent evil pets from ruining the children's art show. Funny violence.
darn (p42), drat
05/26/2021 The Great Pet Escape Questionable 1
Graphic novel. Class pets escape from their cages at night and try to prevent evil class pets from scheming to give the children lunch that will make them sick. Funny violence
heck (p12), stinking, moron (p57)
05/26/2021 The Princess Who Flew With Dragons Generally Acceptable 3
A princess sneaks off and goes to a magical city of learning and makes friends. She discovers that being a commoner is very different from being royal and enjoys the anonymity. But when ice giants come to attack the city, it is up to her to join with her dragon friend and save the day. Princess is raised by her older sister, the crown princess since their mother, the queen, died and their father stopped being involved in raising them as he mourned his wife's death.
stupid, idiot
05/26/2021 The Dragon With A Chocolate Heart Generally Acceptable 1
A dragon is turned into a girl and goes to seek her fortune as an apprentice in a chocolate restaurant. She gradually comes to understand how humans function and relate to each other. With the help of a street smart friend she helps to save the chocolate house and reunite with her dragon family.
stupid, idiot
05/23/2021 The Library of Ever Questionable 1
A girl finds herself in a magical library and she is appointed assistant librarian. She has many adventures as she battles evil forces who want to destroy all knowledge. A man asks her to help him figure out the place with the longest name in the world so he can find the girl he loves and tell her that he loves her. Argument between a shark and a tree as to who lived more hundreds of millions years ago. Mention of an ancient Egyptian city dedicated to the worship of cats.
stupid, morons, weird
05/06/2021 The Friendship War Questionable
A girl finds cases of buttons in an old factory and starts a button fad in her school. She ends up in a fight with her best friend and eventually learns about the value of friendship and what makes a true friend. Many mentions that her grandfather is sad since her grandmother died, and she is sad as well. Girls 15 year old brother "thinks about two things:girls and music". Many mentions of finding information online. Many mentions of text messages on cellphone, using phone as a camera and to take pictures. Girl thinks empty warehouse would be a good place to film a zombie movie. Jokes about button popping open and pants falling down. Girl watches movies with her friend. Grandfather teases girl that she holds hands with a boy who is her friend. Girl asks her mother if her grandmother is in heaven. Mother says she believes that the grandmother is still herself and still thinking and people "don't really die when they die" but it is a theory- she has no proof. Girl tries to take revenge on her friend but then feels very badly about doing it and makes up with her. One sentence mention of Halloween. Girl goes to the office to admit her wrongdoing to the principal and says "I feel like making a break for it , like a convict in a prison movie".
dork, stupid, weird, gross, stinky, punks, geek, freaked out, dumb
05/06/2021 Rebel in the Library of Ever Generally Acceptable 2
A girl helps save a library in another world from people who want to destroy it.
creeps, creepy, dummy, stupid, dumb, drat (once), darn (once), idiots
05/06/2021 Iggy Peck and the Mysterious Mansion Generally Acceptable 3
Child with architectural skills and his friends help figure out the mystery of an old mansion left to their aunt. Many people think the mansion is haunted and the children wonder if ghosts are real. Brief mention that gothic castles in the movies are always haunted. Descriptions of different styles of architecture. In the back of the book, there is a brief biography of a woman who championed African American rights as well as women's right to vote.
creepy, stinky, weird
05/06/2021 The Battle for Crystal Castle Generally Acceptable The Kingdom of Fantasy 13
Mouse travels to a magical kindgom and helps save it from attackers. He goes on his quest with a teenage fairy princess and the man charged with protecting her. At first the princess is not nice to her bodyguard but by the end she comes to appreciate him- there are some brief hugs- text and illustration- seems somewhat romantic though it isn't spelled out at all- it only says that they learned to get along.
05/04/2021 Ruby Lu Star of the Show Questionable 3
Chinese American girl goes through many adjustments- she begins third grade, her father loses her job and her stay at home mother goes to work, money is tight, and she has to return the dog she adopted to its owner. Many mentions of family watching TV- text and illustrations. Family stops going to the movies to save money. Teacher reads a story about a girl whose mother tells her "You can pray to G-d anytime, anywhere. He will always hear you". GIrl is angry at her teacher for giving her a bad report card- writes a poem that he is a monster and shouldn't be teaching. She feels really bad after she writes it and teacher talks to her about it and offers to tutor her after school. Girl wonders whwere the family will get money to buy candy for Halloween, turkey for Thanksgiving, presents and a tree for xmas. Father ends up making children Halloween costumes out of boxes and they win a prize in school for them. WHen girl finds a wallet full of money, her parents refuse to keep it. FIrst they try to find the owner and when they can't they give the money to people who are poorer than them.
butt, darn (once)
04/29/2021 Ruby Lu Empress of Everything Generally Acceptable 3
A Chinese American girl adjusts to her cousin's family moving in with her when they immigrate from China. Brief mentions of watching TV and girl is excited when paramedics come to help her brother who has magnets stuck in his nose- just like on TV. Cousin can "ward off evil spirits" with her jade pendant.
04/25/2021 Notorious Problematic
A boy whose parents are divorced usually lives with his mother and travels around the world with her, but when he gets sick he goes to live with his father on a small island which is half the territory of the United States and half Canadian. A lot of discussion about gangsters who used the island to commit crimes during the Prohibition. The boy begins to uncover clues about the death of a dog belonging to a girl who has befriended him. The children end up discovering a dangerous secret. A group of middleschoolers hold loud parties and damage public property. Cellphone, live stream, TV, intrenet, and other technology. Friend asks if girl is boy's girlfriend- he denies it. Friend thinks its "cool" that boy's mom is in one country and his dad in another. Boys and girls are on the dancefloor but "there is more jumping than dancing going on". Boy thinks a girl has a crush on his friend. Brief mention of xmas dinner. Boy wanted to set off firecrackers in church.
butt, gross, stinks, weird, bummer, wimpy, stupid, idiot, jerk, dummy, dumb, jackass, butt cheek, creep, screwy, a big stink over nothing, freak out, hellhound
04/21/2021 The Doughnut King Problematic 2
THe story continues as the boy tries to figure out how to find money to buy equipment for his doughnut business. He enters a TV kids cooking competition to win the prize. A lot of TV culture. THe host of the show is mean to the boy since she is angry at his mother who used to work for her.Boy cheats but eventually admits what he did. Boys mother has a best friend who is a man (who is also married to someone else- this is all presented in a very matter of fact normal way). Boy imagines that if he gets stuck in the elevator he will climb out the top and up the cables like they do in the movies. Children call each other nuddy "Nuddy's short for nudnick, which means stupid in a language my great grandparents spoke and pretty much nobody speaks anymore" Their parents think "TV rots your brain unless you're watching a show that teaches you how to cook something". Boy thinks they should call an exorcist to their house to figure out why things break all the time for no reason. email, google docs. Boy wonders about survival of the fittest and its connection to what he learned in fifth grade science " animals adapting to their environment millions of years ago". Boy explains that his mother is jewish and his father isn't "we're not really religious, but..connected. It's kind of hard to explain.. we cook the foods, celebrate holidays- some at least- tell stories, and use some ayiddish words. If we worship anything it's food."
stupid, weird, darn, vomit, freak out, freaky, dumb, creeping me out, poop, idiot, stinks, freakish
04/13/2021 The Doughnut Fix Questionable 1
A boy moves to a small town after his father loses his job and starts a doughnut business. Family goes to eat in a "kosher style" restaurant which serves chicken soup along with bagels and cream cheese, not to mention kreplach. Mother calls children "nuddy" when they are being "stupid'- "nuddy is short for nudnik, which means stupid in Yiddish, a language her grandparents spoke and pretty much nobody else does anymore". GIrl reads book "The Wolves of Willoughby Chase" over and over again. Boy's bike breaks and he debates if he should get a ride with a stranger or if the stranger is a kidnapper. He ends up going with him and it is fine. Choosing a live Turkey to eat on Thanksgiving.. Picking out an xmas tree, Halloween candy. Mentions of internet and technology. Boy enjoys watching movies at the movie theater. When little sister gets covered with flour, boy says she looks like a zombie in a horror movie.
stupid, moron, gross, stink, freaking out, dumb, snot, weirdo, jerk, wacko, stinky, creepy, poop, slime bucket, wimp, vomit, butt
04/13/2021 Sea Monster Generally Acceptable 3
Children figure out what is causing a sea monster to scare the kindgom.
03/30/2021 Fish in a Tree Generally Acceptable
Girl who hid her dyslexia discovers that she is smart and also learns to read thanks to special teacher.
Boy/girl relationship, Tznius and Negiah
Brother tells sister to leave parents alone so parents can "talk mushy".Girl thinks boy likes her, thinks she might like him too. Turns out to be nothing.
Passing mention of Native American story of butterflies taking your wish the spirits.
Passing mention of Xmas
03/30/2021 The One and Only Bob Generally Acceptable
Sequel to The One and Only Ivan. Told from perspective of dog who befriended gorilla, helps save animals after tornado.
Boy/girl relationship, Tznius and Negiah
Passing mention of gorilla who has girlfriend - another gorilla. When dogs are in danger of drowning, a female dog tells the male dog that she always loved him. He answers "you're a looker... and you're too good for the likes of me".
What the heck. Pee
TV, Movies, Rock Music, Internet and other Media
Passing mention of wanting to watch TV.
02/22/2021 Cats Aloft Questionable 3
The brother cats' adventures continue as they visit the Chicago World's Fair and help capture criminals who are stealing puppies for the circus. Detective dog tells the cats that his human master charms the ladies "The ladies do fancy him so".
drat, weird, darn, dumb, creepy
02/22/2021 Secrets of the Circus Generally Acceptable 5
The circus animals help a pig who has run away from his farmer who plans to sell him to a pork chop company so he doesn't lose his farm.
02/19/2021 Cats on Track Generally Acceptable 2
Cat brothers receive a message that their mouse friend is in trouble. They travel by train to rescue him and experience adventures along the way.
blasted, weird, durned (p144,162), creepy
02/18/2021 Revenge of Superstition Mountain 3
Children decide to return the gold to the mountain before the ancient curse hurts them. In the meantime, they try to find out where the other gold is. Many spooky cemetery scenes. Scary avalanche scene. In the back of the book there are mentions of titles of some books that may or may not be appropriate also mentions of the names of the author's favorite rock music and TV shows.
Boy/girl relationship, Tznius and Negiah
Two large black and white illustration of two different women wearing skimpy dresses .The children find love letters that their uncle wrote to his "true love" but they are confused since their father described their uncle as a "player" which they describe to mean "a man who has had a lot of girlfriends at the same time, or one girlfriend after another, with no long relationships." Boy notices his aunt looks "positively giddy" when she is around her boyfriend (towards the end of the book they get engaged)- some minor negiah between them- she puts a hand on his shoulder, he tucks his arm around her waist and pulls her close, etc. A lot of discussion if people believe "that there is one person for everybody...a person you're meant to be with"
Boy asks repeatedly what people think about life after death- reincarnation. His mother is very definite that "death doesn't work that way". His father is not so sure- "different religions for many centuries have had the belief in reincarnation. Hinduism, some parts of Judaism, Native American religions..." Girl who is sad that she lost her father explains she wishes her dad would come back as something and there has been a hummingbird near their house lately and that might be him. Boy is very scared since Native American woman tells him that the Thunder god is angry at him for taking gold from the mountain and he will die if he doesn't return it. In the back of the book there is a more extensive explanation of the belief in the thunder god.
creepy, weird, shut up, dumb
02/16/2021 Cats at Sea Generally Acceptable 1
Two cats with very different personalities live near a seaport. When one cat is captured and taken on ship, the other cat goes on a journey to find him and bring him home. Mouse is bemoaning the fate of mice and says they must have been "created by a very careless fellow indeed"
darnedest (p101), shut up, weird, stupid, stinkin'
02/12/2021 Den of Wolves Generally Acceptable 15
Boy and girl go camping- they each have their own tent and there is a wizard chaperoning- completely innocent. They rescue a wolf pup from hunters but then their dragon is captured and the wolves help them rescue it and capture the hunters.
creepy, snot
01/03/2021 Fear Itself Questionable 2
The saga continues as children solve clues to race and save their school while an evil janitor tries to stop them. Description of funeral in a chapel- relatively nuetral. Eccentric old man tells boy a story- he was at a funeral and was having so much fun he thought he was at a wedding- he got thrown out for trying to dance with the widow. Boy is upset because his father moved out and went to live on his boat. Boy and mother watch movie together. Use internet to research.
goofball, weirdo, stupid, weird. creepy, gross, a creep,heck, darn
01/01/2021 Dolls of War Problematic
A girl's father runs a museum that features a Japanese doll given to American children in friendship. Girl mourns the loss of her mother via her connection to the Japanese doll. When anti Japanese feelings are strong, girl is sent away from home and sneaks the doll with her to protect it. Girl has a crush on her much older brother's friend- he is later killed at war. GIrl is afraid her brother will be killed. Children display terrible middos when they ransack a museum, beat up a classmate and throw mud at a train carrying a Japanese American classmate.
Boy/girl relationship, Tznius and Negiah
fifth grade boy "collected popular girls as fast as the teacher caught their whispers". Boy didn't follow after the "flirtiest of them all". Girl hates her because she is jealous that a boy in the class likes her.Boys and girls go to a movie together. Man teases woman that since she can't buy stockings during the war she should draw lines on her legs and "any time you want to borrow my calipers to hold a pencil steady, let me know". She is horrified a man is talking about a woman's legs. Fifth grade girl tells boy that if he doesn't listen to her she won't kiss him again. Girl "drools over" a boy who has "the bluest eyes ever".
a lot about xmas- presents, tree, santa, food, ornaments. After mother's death father doesn't want a tree for xmas- girl makes one from cookies. Description of church service but not detailed religion.
jerk, creep, weird, dumb, shut up, I'll be darned
01/01/2021 The ACB With Honora Lee Questionable
A quirky girl forms a special relationship with her grandmother who suffers from dementia and lives in a nursing home. The girl writes and unusual alphabet book to remember their time together. Sad when a friend of her grandmother's dies. Father tells daughter that he was told to call her by her first name, even when he was a little boy. Piano teacher wears a nose stud. Grandmother says things very directly without filters- sometimes her comments are hurtful. Residents in nursing home watch a lot of TV. Nurse sings xmas carols, later children do too. Brief mention of Zeus, a Greek god.
stupider, idiotic, damn (p105)
01/01/2021 Anika Riz, Math Whiz Generally Acceptable
A girl who loves math wins a Sodoku contest. She wishes her friends didn't hate math They unsuccessfully try to make cookies for the school carnival fundraiser. Principal and teachers get dunked at a dunking booth- girl thinks its funny to see them in t shirts and shorts.
weird, dumb, stupid, gross
12/31/2020 Katie and the Cupcake War Problematic 9
Girls try to raise the most money of any group at the school fundraiser. They compete against a group of girls who are not nice to them- this group pretends that their rum cupcakes have alcohol in them and they get in trouble for promoting alcohol. A lot of juvenille boy/ girl- does he like me? do I like him? do I want him to dance with me at the school dance? flirting, etc. Girl very into wearing "lucky" clothing to bring her good luck. Girl is worried since her grandmother needs heart surgery. A lot of internet use, TV, movies.Mentions of divorced parents and if girl likes going from one to the other.
gross, freaked out, weird, funky, supercreeepy
11/29/2020 Adventures with Waffles Not Acceptable
Norwegian boy and the girl next door get into all sorts of mischief. Very sad when great aunt dies. Girl doesn' t have a father - he "ran off" before she was born- and wishes for one- finally she picks out the local doctor for her mother and ends up proposing marraige to him -to marry her mother- and he accepts. Boy wonders if girl considers him her best friend- at the end he is gratified to find out that she does. Uncle yells at them that if htey make mischeif again he will "bash their heads into their stomachs" (girl comments that if he does that at least they can see out of their bellybuttons). Children are happy uncle's girlfriend is visiting since he won't yell at them in front of her. Girl explains how lambs are born "Soon lambs will be coming out of the ewe's bums".
story of Noah's ark- quasi accurate. Boy imagines Noah pushing a tyrannosaurus rex dinosaur onto the ark. Children sing xmas carols to earn money. Boy's grandmother dies- boy is surprised that when he goes to see her in her casket is isn't "creepy"- it looks like she is sleeping. Grandmother has a picture of Yoshka that the children think protects them- mentioned many times. Xmas described- mom gathers them in front of "creche" and tells them the "nativity story". Boy decides his dead grandmother is probably up there giving yoshka a sweater for xmas. Girl puts herself into danger on the side of a mountain so she should look like Yoshka.
stupid, pee, flipping stinky, creepy, idiot, poop. Aunt tells grandfather not to say "suffering sticklebacks" in front of the children.
TV, Movies, Rock Music, Internet and other Media
When girl punches boy making fun of her, child comments it was just like in a PG 13 movie he isn't allowed to watch, but has seen some anyway. Boy watched DVDs with his neighbor.
11/29/2020 Bob Questionable
An American girl goes to Australia to visit her grandmother and finds a strange creature dressed up like a chicken in the closet that she helps return to his family who live in the well. Mentions of fairy tale creatures. "In Australia they say toilet for bathroom". One sentence about dinosaurs- rain fell on them, sank into earth and evaporated and then fell again. In the back of the book the author lists favorite books by title and author, some of which may be innapropriate.
weird, dorky, poop, weirdo, freak out, butt, gross, that stinks , scared the heck out of me
TV, Movies, Rock Music, Internet and other Media
many mentions of grandmother watching TV and creature listening to it through the walls- no details.
11/26/2020 The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind
A true account told by an African boy who despite his poverty and lack of education figured out how to generate electricity using a windmill built from junk and ended up attending university in the USA. Very detailed descriptions of hunger and famine. Very detailed explanations about producing electricity and other scientific concepts. Detailed descriptions of the superstitious and magical beliefs of people in his community. Centerfold has color photos of the boy and his inventions. Primitive toilet collapses while girl is "squatting" on it-- they have to dig her out.
It is xmas and children are starving- hope someone will have compassion and give them something to eat- radio plays silent night. Remember xmas past when they went ot watch the nativity play in church and eat flying ants roasted with salt. Paragraph expaining that Yoshka told his disciples that seeds planted on fertile soil live and prosper. Description of tribal belief that magical dancers who are spirits of ansestors roam the earth and take young boys to graveyards. Witch doctor brought a man to life who was killed by a snake.
drooling idiot, stupid, poop, shut up
TV, Movies, Rock Music, Internet and other Media
African children watch movie "The Terminator" and wonder if the main character was able to stay alive because he is the greatest wizard ever. Mention of TV
11/26/2020 Worst Witch and the Wishing Star Generally Acceptable 7
Girl who keeps getting into funny trouble in witch school is now a senior with more responsibilities, but unwittingly still gets into trouble. One word Hallowe'en.
stupid, manic, weirdo
11/26/2020 Worst Witch to the Rescue Generally Acceptable 6
A girl who tries to be good at witch school but gets into funny trouble is excited to hand in her vacation project until a classmate steals it and pretends it is her own.
shut up, weird, freaked out, berserk, stupid, idiot, dumb