Cheaper by the Dozen

Review Date: 05/24/2018 Gilbreth Jr., Frank B. and Ernestine Carey
Grades: 6 - 9
Adventures of a family with 12 children. A lot of minor bad language: heck, damned, bloody bastards, g-damn, JC (as curse), freaks, sucker, and more. Inconclusive, vague discussion about "flowers and bees" and where babies come from - leaves kids wondering. A few vague allusions to "women of the night" and "loose women" but never explained. Family tricks ladies who are looking for a home to hold a meeting for "Society for Birth Control". Lots of talk of being sad since baby will be last child (reader wonders - how do they know?). Lots of juvenile, old fashioned, boy/girl courting among high schoolers. Girls convince father to let them be modern and wear bobbed haircuts, silk stockings, short skirts and short underwear. Father eventually gives in to everything but makeup and perfume. Talk about collegiate boys and girls "petting", "necking", and "jazzing".