Kylie Jean Blueberry Queen

Review Date: 05/24/2018 Peschke, Marci Series: Kylie Jean
Grades: 2 - 4
Note on series: The second grade heroine is the antithesis of Junie B Jones and similar heroines. She is polite, friendly, optimistic, and generous. Her big brother is almost always kind to her. Her parents and extended family are loving, supportive, and understanding. She works hard to achieve her goals and is almost always successful. The most "naughty" thing about this book is that her dog's name is "Ugly Brother". The only real issue with this series is that she wishes she could be a beauty queen (never describes what this means in detail but mentioned numerous times in every book) and she frequently practices her beauty queen wave and smile and measures her behavior against what a "real" beauty queen would do eg. a beauty queen shares so I will too, a beauty queen is happy for the other team that they won, so I will be too, etc.In her mind (and soon to be in the reader's mind) a beauty queen is perfection. At the back of each book the reader is invited to use a code to enter a website which hasn't been reviewed. In this book, girl enters contest to be the "queen "of a local blueberry festival. Girl uses internet to enter contest. Grandparents sit on a porch swing holding hands "like the true sweethearts they are"- text and illustration. Father holds mother's hand as they wait to hear if she won a contest. Mention of watching "Miss America" beauty contest. One word mention of church. Girls in contest look like "movie stars". One sentence mention of country radio show. She stands in the dress shop to try on dresses in her slip because "it is classy".