Moby Dick

Review Date: 05/24/2018 Melville, Herman
Grades: 9 - 12
A crazed captain takes his crew on a whaling voyage to capture the whale who made him lose his leg. Very, very detailed descriptions of whales, their habits, anatomy, how they are killed and how each part of their body is used after death. This review is not complete as some of the chapters were skimmed, not read carefully. Many biblical quotes about whales and other related topics- semi accurate translations. Mentions of the "New Testament". Harpooner worships idols (described) and decends from cannibals. Detailed description of the chapel where they pray and the "father" who preached- sermon detailed in full- retelling of the story of "Jonah and the whale"- somewhat creative version.l. Sailor wonders if there is really a problem with idol worship and ends up concluding that the will of G-d is "to do to my fellow man what I would have my fellow man do to me"- and since he would like the canibal to "unite with him in Presbyterian form of worship" , he should likewise unite with him in his idolatry- so he joins him in worshiping his idol- said in a humorous fashion. Use of JC last name as a curse. Sailor ends up sharing bed with harpooner- in his sleep he threw his arm around him in a "bridegroom clasp", compared them to a man and wife and called them a "cozy loving pair"- all of this humorous (written at a time when 2 men married was a joke) .One word xmas. Brief mention of "nakedness" of native "dancing girls". Language- be damned/damn/dam/damndest (frequent), hell, blast,