Of Mice and Men

Review Date: 05/24/2018 Steinbeck, John
Grades: 9 - 12
"2 men, George and Lennie, work as itinerant farm laborers; Lennie is very mentally challenged, and is also very strong. Lennie unintentionally gets into trouble when he hurts or kills animals or people. Once he touched a girl’s dress and he couldn’t let go, and she accused him of rape. At the end of the book, he accidentally kills a man’s wife, and George kills him to prevent him from being lynched.A lot of strong language, including hell, damn, bitch, bastard, JC (as curse).Wife of boss’s son is flirtatious and tries to get attention from farm workers. Men call her a tart and say she is bait for jail. Man comments that it is preferable for a man to go to a whorehouse and get everything out of his system all at once, than to get caught up with her.Several direct and indirect references to whore houses. Extended discussion comparing between 2 houses, including one that has ‘5 girls’ but also has chairs in case a guy ‘doesn’t want a flop’. In both Spark and Cliff notes, specifically refers to whorehouse where the book does not name it."