Pride and Prejudice

Review Date: 05/24/2018 Austen, Jane
Grades: 11 - 12
A moderately wealthy family tries to get their daughters married, which in that society is done based on money, looks, and conversational prowess (in that order). Entire book revolves around being in love for purpose of marriage. Primary character seems to have ‘good sense’, yet she misjudges men who are potential marriage candidates; the one she deems most suitable, turns out to be a gambling, irresponsible cad, and the one who is clearly arrogant and uncaring, turns out to (apparently) be giving and gentlemanly.
Divorce/Dysfunctional Families
Unhappy marriage depicted- husband basically makes fun of wife (who is quite shallow) and removes himself from taking responsibility for his family until the end when he admits he was wrong (about the responsibility, not the making fun).
Boy/girl relationship, Tznius and Negiah
Characters of both genders meet and talk at many dinners, and at balls at which they dance with people they are not married to, including other people’s spouses. Some non-romantic negiah. This being the leisure class, neither men nor women seem to do anything of consequence other than talk, visit, and entertain. Youngest daughter scandalizes family by eloping with formerly mentioned cad; they live together for 2 weeks and seem to have no intent to marry, until they are bribed to do so. This shame she has brought on the family does not prevent the marriage of 2 other daughters to higher-class husbands.
Passing mention of Xmas.
Old-fashioned usage of modern terms: Making love = speaking lovingly; Sex = gender; Gay = happy