The Forbidden Stone

Review Date: 05/24/2018 Abbott, Tony Series: The Copernicus Legacy
Grades: 5 - 7
2 boys and 2 girls search for items that were parts of Copernicus' time machine, and run away from the bad guys. Put themselves in dangerous situations, sometimes with encouragements of adults. Books do not stand alone, a reader will want to read them all. Very mild references to boy's admiration of girl, not developed in this book, appears to be more as a friend than romantic; mentions of them being in close physical proximity or brief touching, no romance. Boy's parents are divorced, mention that he wished they would get together again, but now he is happy in his new blended family. Mention of girl wearing shorts and 'stylishly slashed t-shirt'. Man hugs woman who saved them - not romantic. Language: screwy. Passing mention of temples for Greek gods. Evil woman kisses precious artifact; her male employee briefly wishes he was the artifact. Violence.