The Golden Vendetta

Review Date: 05/24/2018 Abbott, Tony Series: The Copernicus Legacy
Grades: 5 - 7
The saga continues along the same lines as the previous book. Violence. A lot of cell phones, tablet, internet, technology, movies. A mild romantic interest beginning to develop- Boy realizes he likes girl when they are forced to stand "pressed up against each other" when they are hiding from a killer- but he is afraid to tell her.Girl is miserable because of her parent's impending divorce. Man daydreams about the time he held a woman in his arms for "countless seconds". Husband and wife kiss and hug "for a long time" in front of the children. Woman kisses boy on both cheeks in greeting he blushes. Mosque described in detail in very positive terms. Language- weird, stupid, creep, dumb, brat, freak, blast it all, idiot.