Review Date: 06/12/2018 Hersey, John
Grades: 10 - 12
Novel follows the lives of a few survivors of the nuclear attack on Japan.
Boy/girl relationship, Tznius and Negiah
.”Many mentions of people in their underwear when blast hit, man finding blood in his underwear because he had kidney stones. Mention that reproductive processes were affected- “men became sterile...menstruation stopped.” Mention of women bringing babies to orphanages because the fathers were American soldiers. Sometimes fathers tracked down the mothers of their babies and married them. Mention of Japanese prostitutes. Father teaches son to dance, takes him to a dance hall introduces him to a girl and tells her to be gentle with him.
Many mentions of priests, church and religion but always in a detached, news reporter fashion. Jesuits, Catholics, priests, minister, theological students, nuns, monks, zen, relatively neutral prayers read, mass, bible classes, communion, constant trying to convert people. One of the survivors is from the Society of J----. Women asks priest “If your G-d is so good and kind how can he let people suffer like this?” Priest answers “man is not now in the condition G-d intended. He has fallen from grace through sin. Description of a shrine dedicated to spirits of those killed in wars.
Very detailed and graphic descriptions throughout this novel of horrific injuries and death caused by the radiation.
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