Alex Rider


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Author: Horowitz, Anthony
Grades: 6 - 9
Can be suitable for teenaged readers
Loosely sequential series - some can be skipped. This is an exciting, well-written series about a teen recruited as a spy for MI6. A lot of of violence, cruelty, and cold blooded killing - parents need to weigh the value of giving their teen boys something they will like to read, with exposure to violence. Boy generally kills only indirectly or by accident, until end of book 9, when he deliberately shoots someone. Books are loosely connected with a running plotline. Series is mostly clean, with some references to illegitimate relationships, and several non-detailed references to Alex liking a girl (noted in comments). Occasional language in the damn/hell variety. (for information on books not listed, contact

Comments are explicit and detailed and are intended for parents to use to determine acceptability for their children. Please read comments - do not rely on ratings alone. Books are reviewed to the best of our abilities, we apologize for any errors.

Review Date Title Rating Mini Series Series No. Comments
05/13/2020 Never Say Die Questionable 11
Jack is alive and Alex finds her.
Boy/girl relationship, Tznius and Negiah
Ugly bad woman is wearing semitransparent nightgown in bed, no description.Bad guy speculates that with his reward money he might invite a barmaid to come away with him for a weekend or forever, and not tell his wife.When Alex (15) finds his former nanny Jack (29) alive, they fall into each others' arms.
Some language - hell, damn, etc.
Violence, some of it graphic
05/24/2018 Stormbreaker Questionable 1
See note on series. After the death of his uncle, boy is recruited by MI6 as spy. Has caretaker who is woman in her late 20's. Passing mention that uncle did not have girlfriends. Soldiers smoke. Language: hell, damn, anus. Woman who is posing as boy's mother, kisses him. Mention of man who 'blew his brains out'. Boy kicks man in groin. Statue of naked Greek goddess. Bad guy tells him: Killing is for grown ups, you are a child.
05/24/2018 Skeleton Key Problematic 3
See note on series. Teen-age secret agent and madman with nuclear weapon. Cold blooded killing, violence. Brief romantic negiah. Scantily clad women hired to entice president. Language: hell, damn, screw up . Lots of cold-blooded killing. Alex has friend who is a girl. She likes 'older men' (7 years older) (p. 31). Alex stays over at her house. She comes out of bath with wet hair and terry robe (62). She leans over him when he is in bed and her lips brush his, she tells him he is cute (65). She does mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on him when he drowns (78). Mention of women in tight-fitting clothing (166), in bikinis (237), in low cut dresses that left little to the imagination (244), wonders if the president took them to his room (244), president goes swimming with them (244), they are called 'half naked women (269). Alex's friend who is a girl, greets him by throwing an arm around him (326), talks about giving him the 'kiss of life' being the high point of her vacation (236).At end of book may be preview of 'Eagle Strike' - boy and girl on beach, she keeps asking him to rub sunscreen on her back.
05/24/2018 Scorpia Problematic 5
See note on series. Teen-age secret agent joins bad guys. Language. Cold-blooded killing. References to woman being attracted to married man.
05/24/2018 Scorpia Rising Problematic 9
See note on series. Teen fights evil organization; at end of book, his caretaker is killed, and Alex kills an assailant by shooting him. Alex recalls kissing his friend who is a girl (119). Mention of Facebook. Alex says 'go ____ yourself' (printed with blank line). Friendly negiah and hug between Alex and his caretaker (woman in late 20's). Alex wonders if male agent is gay (255). Language: damn, hell, bastard.
05/24/2018 Point Blank Problematic 2
See note on series. Teen-age secret agent fights clones. Description of pretty girl in bikini (chapter 5, page 66). Obnoxious girl offers to be kissed - refuses. Language: hell, damn. Cold-blooded sells drugs. Boy spy gets ear piercing. boys smoke.Woman is dressed in tight-fighting spandex workout outfit. Girl wraps arms around boy as he rescues her. Non-romantic negiah. Obnoxious girl offers boy to kiss her, he doesn't. Language: buttock, crap. TV. Mention of boys who have tattoos, girlfriends.
05/24/2018 Eagle Strike Problematic 4
See note on series.Teen age secret agent prevents nuclear attack. Has friend who is a girl - bad guys call her his girlfriend, but no real romance. Page numbers refer to Scholastic 2005 edition. Page 10: girl keeps asking boy to rub sunblock onto her back.Girl is boy-watching and rating boys (19). Mention of boy lying on beach with girl (49). Passing mention of porn, pornographic theaters, striptease joints - no explanation (55). Language: hell, crap, damn, smartass. Mention of Aztec gods in video game. Boy and girl plan to pickpocket man; girl distracts man by hugging him (83). Girl hugs Alex when he comes to save her (197). Passing mention of xmas. Boy wants to put his arm around girl to comfort her, he doesn't (209). She kisses him goodbye (last page).