Choose Your Own Adventure


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Various authors
Grades: 4 - 6
Various adventure stories that allow the reader to make choices, leading them to different pages that change the course of the story.

Comments are explicit and detailed and are intended for parents to use to determine acceptability for their children. Please read comments - do not rely on ratings alone. Books are reviewed to the best of our abilities, we apologize for any errors.

Review Date Title Rating Mini Series Series No. Comments
05/24/2018 Trouble on Planet Earth Generally Acceptable
Brothers try to figure out why the earth's oil reserved have disapeared.One sentence about praising allah.Use "psychic" power. Reader chooses outcome. Violence. Language- idiot, stupid, creeps,
05/24/2018 The Mystery of Ura Senke Generally Acceptable
Boy tries to recover stolen valuable tea bowl in Japan. Reader chooses outcome.A fortune teller talks about spirits and guardians. Brief mention of a movie. Language- moron (once)
05/24/2018 The Case of the Silk King Problematic
Boy tries to locate missing man in Malaysia. Lots of text and/or illustrations of temples, monasteries, monks, gods, buddha, fortune telling, incense, a few brief mentions of Easter. Boy hugs girl- text and illustration- not overtly romantic. Language- heck (once)
05/24/2018 Return to Atlantis Acceptable
Marine biologists try to return to underwater Atlantis.Some violence.Reader chooses outcome. Language-stupid.
05/24/2018 Mayday! Questionable
A girl is forced to pilot uncle's plane when he is knocked out. One story line is looking for a 90,000 year old Neanderthal skeleton preserved in glacial ice. Needs parental guidance.
05/24/2018 Killer Virus Generally Acceptable
A girl helps her uncle research Ebola virus outbreak. Reader chooses outcome. Lots of violence.
05/24/2018 House of Danger Questionable
Children answer a distress call in a mysterious house that stands on the grounds of a Civil War prison. Use "psychic" powers. Computer use.Ghosts. Language- weird, heck (once), creepy , darn (once)
05/24/2018 Fugitive Generally Acceptable
A girl is forced to be an accomplice to a jewelry theft. Reader chooses ending. Lots of violence