Geronimo Stilton


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Author: Stilton, Geronimo
Grades: 2 - 5
There are at least 5 types of books in this series- the regular ones, the graphic novels, the cavemice (for Thea Stilton scroll down to the first Thea Stilton book) the space mice and the fantasy books. Regular- A mouse who is a newspaper editor is dragged into various adventures. Unique layout style and funny stories make this series ideal for reluctant readers. Check individual books for comments and ratings. Often mild boy mouse / girl mouse, and mentions of how mouse would like to approach girls and ask them on dates but he is too shy. Some of the books talk about him having a "major crush" on a girl- often different girls in different books. Cartoonish story often interspersed with factual information. The Geronimo Stilton graphic novels in this series have less about his crushes and more good guy/ bad guy violence, while the Thea Stilton graphic novels seem to have more about crushes than the novels. The Cavemice books are a parody of the regular books with many humorous references to the stone age, dinosaurs, fossils, etc. The women cavemice are dressed in cartoonish sleeveless dresses. The space mice are the same characters in outer space. The fantasy books involve the mouse visiting a fantasy land in his dreams filled with fantastical creatures. All of these are attractive to beginning chapter-book readers, though many are problematic.

Comments are explicit and detailed and are intended for parents to use to determine acceptability for their children. Please read comments - do not rely on ratings alone. Books are reviewed to the best of our abilities, we apologize for any errors.

Review Date Title Rating Mini Series Series No. Comments
07/17/2022 The Sticky Situation Generally Acceptable
Mouse and his cousin start a honey business and uncover a corrupt competitor. A lot of information about honey and bees. An elderly couple who are beekeepers tell the story of how they learned about beekeeping on their honeymoon. Mouse says it is a very romantic story.
05/06/2021 The Battle for Crystal Castle Generally Acceptable The Kingdom of Fantasy 13
Mouse travels to a magical kindgom and helps save it from attackers. He goes on his quest with a teenage fairy princess and the man charged with protecting her. At first the princess is not nice to her bodyguard but by the end she comes to appreciate him- there are some brief hugs- text and illustration- seems somewhat romantic though it isn't spelled out at all- it only says that they learned to get along.
02/18/2019 Stay Strong, Geronimo! Questionable Micekings
Viking mice battle dragons and have a contest to see who is the strongest female Viking. Mouse has difficulty deciding between his sister and his " secret crush". Cover shows cartoonish illustration of male and female mice arm wrestling. Cartoonish illustration of male and females hugging at a celebration.
01/17/2019 The Third Journey Through TIme Problematic The Race Against Time
Mice travel through time to visit the Ice Age, Ancient Greece, and The Renaissance. Information about Ice Age presented as factual including it happening millions of years ago. Quiz at the end of the book checks for "factual" knowledge. Mentions that dinosaurs were already extinct in that era. Illustrations and descriptions of Greek gods and festivals dedicated to them- large illustration of statue of goddess . Mentions that in Renaissance artists were hired by churches.
Boy/girl relationship, Tznius and Negiah
Tease mouse about a pretty rodent who nursed him back to health- he responded "my heart beats for another rodent". When told he mentioned her name many times when he was unconscious, he blushed.
see comments above
shut your snout (shut up)
TV, Movies, Rock Music, Internet and other Media
Brief mentions of movies
12/19/2018 Thea Stilton and the Madagascar Madness Questionable Thea Stilton
Teenage mice travel to a nature preserve to compete in an adventure camp to benefit an ecological society and end up confronting poachers. Male and female "shake paws". One sentece xmas and "santa mouse". Full page illustration of teenage female mice in bathing suits. Illustration of boys with arms over girls shoulders- no text.
12/19/2018 Thea Stilton and the Tropical Treasure Problematic Thea Stilton
Teenage mice volunteer at a wildlife center and search for a treasure in the Caribbean. Romance between two workers at the center eventually leading to an engagement- she hugs him (text and illustration), they hold hands (illustration), boy tells her he is interested in her and she blushes, they hug each other "tenderly" when they get engaged (text and illustration). Mouse said she is an "expert when it comes to recognizing the signs of a crush". Retelling of a legend of a pirate and victim who fall in love- "star crossed lovers" llustration of them holding hands- mouse comments "how romantic". Language- weird
12/19/2018 Thea Stilton and the Venice Masquerade Questionable Thea Stilton
Teenage mice travel to Venice for the Carnival season and become involved in catching the person who is mysteriously stealing pieces of costumes. Picture of girl wearing scanty gown in an imaginary beauty contest. Girl hugs boy in greeting- not romantic. Illustration of boy and girl holding hands- no text or explanation. Language- weird
12/19/2018 The Helmet Holdup Questionable Mice Kings
Viking mouse figures out who stole the chief's helmet. Mouse has a crush on a girl who is "fascinating"- illustration of him looking at her with hearts in his eyes. Language- blasted
12/19/2018 Cyber-Theif Showdown Questionable
Mouse figures out who stole his identity online. Book assumes that readers are on the internet and gives extreme examples of identity theft and rules for safe surfing of the web including- to only surf with the help of an adult and to tell an adult if anyone sends a message that makes you uncomfortable or if you receive photos from someone you don't know. Illustration of male mouse dancing with female mouse. Exciting and detailed description of playing a virtual reality game online.
12/19/2018 The Dragon of Fortune Generally Acceptable Fantasy
A very fat, but still easy to read continuation of the fantasy series. Mouse goes to fantasy land to retrieve a stolen ring and save the world. References to previous fantasy series books. Mouse shakes ladies hand in greeting. Bathroom humor about ogres.Girl says boys are "cute". Language- pee, poop
12/19/2018 We'll Bite Your Tail, Geronimo! Generally Acceptable Spacemice
Space mice travel to an alien planet to help save them. Mention of movie trilogy. Small illustration of female mouse dancing with male alien- innocent.
12/19/2018 Thea Stilton and the Frozen Fiasco Questionable Thea Stilton
Teenage mice hunt for missing detective story author in Iceland. Male and female teenagers shake hands, give a friendly shove, female hugs male to thank him for saving her. Illustration of coed swimming- male and female teenagers in one piece bathing suits.Technology- laptop, email, text messages
12/19/2018 Thea Stilton and the Journey to the Lion's Den2 Problematic Thea Stilton
Teenage mice go on safari and help save a lion cub from poachers. Boy and girl shake hands- not romantic- text and illustration. Boy and girl dance together- text and illustration. Boy and girl email each other every day.Factual side bar says the rift valley has been forming for thirty million years. Developers plan to make an exclusive resort that will attract movie stars. Language- weird
12/19/2018 A Cheese-Colored Camper Questionable
Mice travel to Ratzikistan, the coldest spot in their world, to write a travel guide. Full color illustration of bathing suits on a line including very shaped two piece woman's bathing suits- a small one on top of every page in that chapter. Wonders if mouse on sleigh is "santa mouse". A few unimportant mentions of xmas. Sister goes on more dates than a movie star. She says she can't go into the woods for help in case she meets a "cute" mouse.
12/19/2018 Bollywood Burglary Questionable
Mouse travels to India to guard a diamond belonging to an old friend who is a movie star. Cover shows them dancing side by side. Plot of movie written in detail- prince sees portrait of princess and instantly falls in love with her- eventualy marry. Illustration of them holding hands. Bride and groom hug "joyously"- text and illustration. Illustration of bride and groom cutting a wedding cake together. Language- weird
12/16/2018 The Treasure of Easter Island Generally Acceptable
Mice travel to a remote island to rescue missing reporter who went missing while in search of a treasure. Natives dance- a man and woman "declare their love for each other"- text and illustration of female dancers in sleeveless tops. Non romantic negiah.Many statues on the island- burial sites.
12/16/2018 Operation: Secret Recipe Questionable
Mice travel to Milan, Italy and help locate stolen recipe for xmas cake. Large illustrations of cathedrals and factual descriptions- no specific religion, but they are clearly churches- also many mentions of the holiday cake, but no religion. Mentions of going to see artwork "The Last Supper" but no explanations as to what it represents, only says that it is in a church and how it was painted. Mention of an Egyptian cat goddess. Non romantic negiah.
12/16/2018 The Chocolate Chase Generally Acceptable
Mice celebrate spring by exchanging chocolate eggs (no mention of Easter). Mouse helps find a stolen valuable egg.
09/13/2018 Cyber-Thief Showdown Questionable
Mouse has his identity stolen on the internet because he forgot to put a password on his computer. He catches the thief by challenging him to a virtual reality game. A lot of information about keeping safe on the computer including surfing the internet with an adult and telling an adult if someone sends a message that makes you uncomfortable.
Boy/girl relationship, Tznius and Negiah
Someone doctored photos to make it look like mouse is tripping the mouselet he is dancing with.
09/13/2018 Lost In Translation Questionable Graphic Novel
Graphic novel. Mice go back in history to prevent cats from changing the discovery of the Rosetta Stone. Cartoonish illustration of father and grown daughter lying on blankets sunbathing- she is wearing a bikini.
09/13/2018 The Mystery of the Pirate Ship Acceptable Graphic Novel
Mice go back in history to prevent cats from changing history.
09/03/2018 The Ship of Secrets Problematic Kingdom of Fantasy 10
Mouse travels to fantasy world and helps them stand up to pirates who want to take over the kindgom. Mouse is going to a masked ball with his date dressed as a frog prince with a necklace that says "kiss me". Woman in costume store says that many women will want to "smooch" him in that costume. He refuses to let ladies kiss him- they say he is rude and a bad date. Typical bathroom humor about a stench being worse than armpits or feet. Illustration of female mouse kissing paw of male mouse.
08/26/2018 Magical Mission Generally Acceptable
Mouse travels to England to solve mystery of a talking lion statue and help cousin participate in a magicians convention. Mention of other books in the series by name that may or may not be acceptable.
Boy/girl relationship, Tznius and Negiah
One sentence mention that male magician is "super popular" with lady mice.
TV, Movies, Rock Music, Internet and other Media
Mouse uses internet to search for vacation destination. TV news
08/13/2018 Pirate Spacecat Attack Questionable SpaceMice
Mice who live on a space ship try to find a man who can fix their on board computer, but pirate cats steal it.
Boy/girl relationship, Tznius and Negiah
Lady hugs her male professor.
08/04/2018 Mouse Overboard! Questionable
Mice are invited to a recreated voyage of deGama the Portuguese explorer. Figure out who is sabotaging the trip. Bathroom humor about grandmother's valuable chamber pot collection.
Boy/girl relationship, Tznius and Negiah
Man is secretly in love with "beautiful", "glamorous" singer. Illustration of man singing to a woman.
07/15/2018 First to the Last Place On Earth Acceptable Graphic Novel
Graphic Novel. Mice go back in time to the South Pole to prevent the pirate cats from changing the history of the first expedition to the South Pole.
06/15/2018 Mouse House Hunter Generally Acceptable
Mouse is forced to sell his house to save his newspaper from financial ruin and ends up homeless living in a children's playhouse in the park. In the end he gets his house back.
TV, Movies, Rock Music, Internet and other Media
Brief TV, computer
06/14/2018 The Mystery In Venice Not Acceptable
Mouse travels to Venice after receiving a message requesting help in a crystal gondola made in Venice.
Boy/girl relationship, Tznius and Negiah
A lot of boy/girl. Cover has a picture of a female mouse kissing a male mouse on the cheek. A lot of talk about a female mouse he has a crush on- he imagines taking a romantic stroll with her or eating a candlelit dinner.- illustrations of them holding hands (in his imagination) He is chased around Venice by a mouse who wants to marry him. He helps a female marry her "true love". etc.
05/24/2018 We'll Always Have Paris Questionable 11
Graphic novel. Mice go back in history to stop cats from ruining the Eiffel Tower. Adult single female mouse invites single male mouse (her boyfriend?) to go shopping with her. Language- stupid. In back, preview of "Thea Stilton Graphic Novel #1"- mice are planning for a school dance, discussion of who will be whose dates.
05/24/2018 Watch Your Whiskers, Stilton Questionable 17
Mouse tries to save his newspaper from mysterious adversary. Small drawing of painting at mouse art show - 2 mice not wearing tops - girl mouse is facing backwards. Small illustration of female mouse wearing bathing suit.Detailed explanation of where name of Halloween comes from. Mention of TV news, TV gameshow and movie theater. Summary of book "Rattenstein"- parody of "Frankenstein". Bathroom humor.
05/24/2018 Wedding Crasher Questionable 28
In continuing story of unfortunate mouse, Geronimo goes to wedding of stingy relative with poor nebach girl. Thea dresses the girl mouse in stylish "short skirt" (knee length with slit) and sleeveless top, and styles her hair; boy mice see she is actually not a nebach and both try to get her to go with them. Calls her "babelicious". Ask her to go on a cruise with him- cousin says he is a "shameless flirt" Very juvenile. GIrl breaks up with fiance- calls him "stingy old snot". Mention of show on cable TV.
05/24/2018 Valley of the Giant Skeletons Problematic 32
Mouse looks for lost treasure in Mongolia - finds dinosaur bones. A lot of detail and information about dinosaurs presented as fact. Some unrefined bathroom humor. Mouse has a crush and he blushes and stammers whenever he talks to her. A bad-guy-female rodent flirts with mouse to get his secret. Non-romantic negiah. A lot of facts about Mongolian culture and history.
05/24/2018 Welcome to Moldy Manor Acceptable 59
Mouse is forced to take a course in being a spendthrift when his cousin uses up all of his money. Language- weird,
05/24/2018 This Hotel is Haunted! Questionable 50
Mouse helps figure out who is disguised as a ghost in order to haunt his friend's hotel. TV watching. Mouse reminisces about mischief he did when he was a young boy. Mouse kisses woman's paw in greeting (to be polite). Mention that grandparents were a "great love story". Double page cartoonish illustration of a coed dance- nothing overtly romantic. Language- creepy, stinky,
05/24/2018 The Weird Book Machine Acceptable 9
Graphic novel. Mice go to Germany in 1455 to stop the pirate cats from changing history of the first printing press. In back preview of other graphic novels which may or may not be appropriate.
05/24/2018 The Wild, Wild West Questionable 21
Mouse confronts a bully in the Wild West. Silly violence. One sentence mention of "Santa Mouse". Girl mouse tries on a dress but when she realizes she can't walk or jump, changes to pants. Girl mouse flirts with boy mouse who is "love sick". Mouse falls asleep watching TV - illustration.
05/24/2018 The Way of the Samurai Generally Acceptable 49
Mouse goes to Japan to rescue a secret karate scroll. Unimportant mention of TV. Brief mention that man keeps a photo of his girlfriend in his shirt pocket.
05/24/2018 The Stinky Cheese Vacation Questionable
Mouse and relatives go to help his dying uncle but it turns out he isn't dying he is just faking because he is too stingy to spend the money to fix up his castle and wants to trick his nephew into doing it for free. In the end they discover the truth, but decide to help him anyway.
05/24/2018 The Stone of Fire Questionable Cavemice 1
Prehistoric mice retrieve a stolen invention from their saber tooth tiger enemies. Bathroom humor about dinosaur dung. recipe includes meat and cheese. Language- poop
05/24/2018 The Temple of the Ruby of Fire Acceptable 14
Geronimo saves ruby from villains. One word nonreligious mention of xmas. Language- stinking rich.