Matt Christopher


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Author: Christopher, Matt
Grades: 2 - 6
Various unrelated sports stories. Boys love them. Each books needs to be looked at separately - some are fine, some have signinficant problems.

Comments are explicit and detailed and are intended for parents to use to determine acceptability for their children. Please read comments - do not rely on ratings alone. Books are reviewed to the best of our abilities, we apologize for any errors.

Review Date Title Rating Mini Series Series No. Comments
05/24/2018 Wingman on Ice Acceptable
Boy gets a new hockey stick but won't use it until his game improves.
05/24/2018 Windmill Windup Not Acceptable
Messy divorce, romance between mother and boyfriend.
05/24/2018 Wheel Wizards Acceptable
05/24/2018 Too Hot to Handle Acceptable
05/24/2018 Top Wing Acceptable
05/24/2018 Tough to tackle Acceptable
boy tries not to quit football and encourages brother in army.
05/24/2018 The Winning Stroke Not Acceptable
05/24/2018 The Winning Stroke Problematic
A boy can't play baseball after injury so he takes up swimming. Constant descriptions of co-ed swim team - help each other in pool with strokes - one mention of middle school boys having girlfriends. Black and white illustrations of girls in bathing suits.
05/24/2018 The Submarine Pitch Acceptable
sad ending
05/24/2018 The Comeback Challenge Not Acceptable
Messy Divorce
05/24/2018 The Counterfeit Tackle Not Acceptable
05/24/2018 The Basket counts Acceptable
Black boy experiences mild prejudice in new neighborhood. Lots of sports action
05/24/2018 Team That Couldn't Lose Acceptable
05/24/2018 Tennis Ace Acceptable
05/24/2018 Supercharged Infield Generally Acceptable
secret crush. Talk of boys asking girls to movies
05/24/2018 Shortstop from Tokyo Acceptable
05/24/2018 Skateboard Renegade Not Acceptable
Punk behavior
05/24/2018 Snowboard Maverik Problematic
boy does dangerous stunt against parents' orders, & they end up praising him when he succeeds.
05/24/2018 Soccer Duel Not Acceptable
messy divorce
05/24/2018 Soccer Halfback Acceptable
05/24/2018 Soccer Scoop Not Acceptable
05/24/2018 Run for it Acceptable
Brief mention - boy works out to attract girls' attention
05/24/2018 Roller Hockey Radicals Acceptable
05/24/2018 Return of the Home Run Kid Not Acceptable
Lots of hand-holding with girl "friend"
05/24/2018 Pressure Play Acceptable
05/24/2018 Prime-time Pitcher Acceptable
05/24/2018 Penalty Shot Acceptable
05/24/2018 Olympic Dream Acceptable
Overweight boy is inspired to take up cycling and get into shape
05/24/2018 No Arm in Left Field Acceptable
05/24/2018 Mountain Bike Mania Acceptable
Boy takes up biking to fill time when mom goes to work. Discovers who is a true friend and who is a bad influence.
05/24/2018 Miracle at the Plate Acceptable
05/24/2018 Long-arm Quarterback Acceptable
05/24/2018 Look Who's Playing First Base Acceptable
05/24/2018 Little Lefty Not Acceptable
05/24/2018 Long Distance Swimmer Not Acceptable
big part of subplot about liking girl
05/24/2018 Johnny Long Legs Not Acceptable
05/24/2018 Inline Skater Generally Acceptable
Boy who is into "aggro" skating joins hockey team. Becomes friends with girl on team - non-romantic. Juvenile language: jerk, wuss, dweeb.
05/24/2018 Ice magic Generally Acceptable
hockey toy predicts real games. "magic"
05/24/2018 Hockey Machine Generally Acceptable
Strange; kid kidnapped by rich boy for hockey team
05/24/2018 Goalkeeper in Charge Not Acceptable