Skulduggery Pleasant


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Author: Landy, Derek
Grades: 7 - 10
Can be suitable for teenaged readers
Girl and assorted magical heroes and villains fight to save the world. This is an engaging, well written series, with a dry wit that teens will love, especially boys (even though the main character is a girl). Main character ages through the series, so the books get longer, more complex and darker towards the later books. Lots and lots of violence - gets quite gory in later books. Language: very occasional use of hell and damn, etc. Very light romance in some of the books; girl has a boyfriend, which usually just means they enjoy spending time together; there is occasional romantic negiah - pages are noted for editing. NOTE: The main storyline ends with book 9. In book 10, a new storyline starts. It also starts the "modern" morality, with a main character who is "gender fluid" (alternately referred to as "he" or "she"), and an adult male character with a "husband". We do not recommend books 10 and on.

Comments are explicit and detailed and are intended for parents to use to determine acceptability for their children. Please read comments - do not rely on ratings alone. Books are reviewed to the best of our abilities, we apologize for any errors.

Review Date Title Rating Mini Series Series No. Comments
05/01/2020 Skulduggery Pleasant - Resurrection Not Acceptable 10
This books starts a new storyline, with the main character now an adult. Frequent referrences to characters with non-traditional gender identities.
Boy/girl relationship, Tznius and Negiah
One main character is "gender fluid" and is referred to alternately as "he" or "she". A main adult character has a "husband", many referrences to this.
Lots and very gory. Sadistic bad guys who kill joyfully.
12/19/2018 Dark Days Problematic 4
Continuing saga of teenager with magical powers. Lots of violence. Some language: hell, damn. Passing mention of man living with woman. Girl hugs (395) and kisses (398) boyfriend. Non-romantic hug between girl and male partner, for saving him (406).
12/19/2018 Mortal Coil Problematic 5
Continuing story of girl with magical powers. Kisses boyfriend (51, 401, 402, 403, 533) and wishes he could hug her to comfort her when hurt (478). Vampire is attracted to main character (72-75) and they kiss (73-74); kiss is referred to later when she feels guilty (170, 440) . Girl magical fighter reflects about how she needs a real date (171). Girl thinks about another girl's affectionate negiah with her boyfriend (172). Mention of girl undressing - no detail 230. Hug between girl and male partner - not romantic. Passing mention of xmas, no religion. Father tells girl going on date that her dress is too short and should be saved for 8th or 9th date. Girl goes to dance. Minor side story: woman magic character is so beautiful that when men see her they fall speechless and say they love her. Discussion of villain having crush on "good" woman, and how she already has a boyfriend 466-467; later she is possessed by evil being and he does become her boyfriend; they kiss (557, 558)
12/19/2018 Kingdom of the Wicked Problematic 7
Girl with magical powers fights new evil sorcerers. Non-romantic hug. Very powerful sorcerers are called gods. Girl calls boy hot. Girl purposely falls onto boy so he will catch her and be attracted to her; she is hurt when he isn't161-163. Language: Mother of G-d.Kiss page 298. Discussion of whether male "undressed" skeleton is gross, and whether a female one would be 'hot' (418). Girl tells former boyfriend he is hot, and they hug (270)
12/19/2018 The Dying of the Light Problematic 9
Sub-plot of heroine's 'reflection' who is now girlfriend of the boyfriend she broke up with. Girl kisses boyfriend 37, 38. Humorous discussion about girlfriends 97. Passing mention of Gay/lesbian (as joke). Hug 164. Discussion of whether heroine's former boyfriend is now going out with her 'reflection' because he can't have her (208, 209). Reflection tells heroine that she is a better girlfriend 216. Boyfriend and heroine talk about him choosing reflection as girlfriend 235-236. Mentions of 'gods' = very powerful, usually evil beings. Character who died and came back to life says he found no evidence of the Judeo-Christian G-d, and death was just darkness with no afterlife (305). Passing mention of "the birds and the bees" 311. Beautiful woman prepares for bath and opens door to speak to men while undressed 370, she invites them to speak to her while she bathes 372. Ch- used as exclamation twice.
05/24/2018 Skulduggery Pleasant 1 Questionable 1
Girl discovers magic and underworld. Some language: hell, damn, etc.
05/24/2018 Playing with Fire Questionable 2
Girl and assorted magical heroes and villains fight to save world. Some language. Violence. "gods".