The Kingdom of Wrenly


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Author: Quinn, Jordan
Grades: 2 - 4
A prince and his best friend, a girl who is a commoner, have adventures.

Comments are explicit and detailed and are intended for parents to use to determine acceptability for their children. Please read comments - do not rely on ratings alone. Books are reviewed to the best of our abilities, we apologize for any errors.

Review Date Title Rating Mini Series Series No. Comments
04/13/2021 Sea Monster Generally Acceptable 3
Children figure out what is causing a sea monster to scare the kindgom.
02/12/2021 Den of Wolves Generally Acceptable 15
Boy and girl go camping- they each have their own tent and there is a wizard chaperoning- completely innocent. They rescue a wolf pup from hunters but then their dragon is captured and the wolves help them rescue it and capture the hunters.
creepy, snot
11/22/2020 The Lost Stone Generally Acceptable 1
A prince is lonely and tries to make friends by dressing like a commoner and sneaking into their school. When he is discovered his parents decide to allow him to befriend the dressmaker's daughter. They go on a quest to find the queen's lost jewel.
11/22/2020 The Scarlet Dragon Generally Acceptable 2
The prince is given a rare scarlet dragon to raise, but then it becomes sick. In order to save it the prince and his female friend go on a quest to locate mysterious berries that will cure it. Magic and magical beasts.
11/22/2020 Adventures in Flatfrost Generally Acceptable 5
The prince and his female friend get in trouble when they play hide and seek with his pet dragon and accidentally melt all of the ice in the larder. The king sends them to the land of the giants where ice is harvested so that they will learn not to take people's possessions lightly.
01/30/2020 The Sorcerer's Shadow Generally Acceptable 12
Children travel with knights to figure out what kind of monster is causing problems in the kingdom- end up befriending a young sorcerer who is treated badly by the townspeople and solving the problem. Girl puts her hand on boy's shoulder to calm him down- text and illustration- completely innocent.
01/17/2020 The False Fairy Generally Acceptable 11
A fairy known for making up stories finally tells the truth to save her fellow fairies. Fairy clothing is not tznius but not super revealing.
01/17/2020 The Secret World of Mermaids Questionable 8
Prince befriends a mermaid. The mermaid on the cover has her shoulders showing, the ones inside the book are more tsnius. Illustration of human king shaking hands with mermaid queen.
darn- p74, 97
01/17/2020 The Witch's Curse Generally Acceptable 4
Children figure out who has put a curse on the kingdom causing too much rain.
01/17/2020 The Bard and the Beast Generally Acceptable 9
Prince is forced to take music lessons which he dislikes until he is able to use music to calm a wild beast.
loopy, gross
01/16/2020 The Pegasus Quest Questionable 10
Children help a mythical animal return home.
darn- p57
01/16/2020 The Thirteenth Knight Generally Acceptable 13
Girl competes to join an exclusive company of knights- a prophecy has told them that younger people can try out. Boy is excited and puts his hands on girl's shoulder to convince her to try out- hugs her when she wins- text and illustration- innocent.
01/16/2020 A Ghost In the Castle Questionable 14
Children help a ghost "restore" her soul and "rest in peace". When girl is scared squeezes her male friend's hand- innocent. Other than concept of a ghost this is relatively fine.
weird, creepy
12/30/2019 Let the Games Begin Generally Acceptable 7
Girl who wants to be a knight when she grows up competes in horse race even though people make fun of her for being a girl.
12/30/2019 Beneath The Stone Forest Acceptable 6
Prince goes with his best friend- a common girl- to explore a stone forest for her school assignment. They are forced to bring a spoiled princess with them and end up becoming friends with her.