Marge In Charge


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Author: Fisher, Isla
Grades: 3 - 5
Children have adventures with a wacky babysitter. The babysitter acts responsible around adults, but around kids she likes to bend rules and is somewhat immature (Example- mother wrote on the list that the children can each have one piece of birthday cake, the babysitter crossed out the number one and wrote "nine"). Somehow she always gets the kids to do the important things the mother asked for. In the end, everything always turns out fine- messes get cleaned up, problems solved. Kids will find these books hysterically funny, some adults may be bothered. At the end of each book is an excerpt from the next in the series with the same issues as the book iteself.

Comments are explicit and detailed and are intended for parents to use to determine acceptability for their children. Please read comments - do not rely on ratings alone. Books are reviewed to the best of our abilities, we apologize for any errors.

Review Date Title Rating Mini Series Series No. Comments
11/10/2020 Marge In Charge and the Missing Orangutan Questionable 3
Continued adventures with the wacky babysitter when she takes the children to the zoo. Childen comment on babysitters size "Marge is so small that she could be a hobbit. She even told us that Santa Claus once mistook her for an elf and asked her to help him deliver xmas presents". They also say she looks like "an Oompah Loompah from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory". Boy is upset his mother won't let him watch the Lego Movie. Boy searches for lost tooth so he can put it under his pillow for the tooth fairy. Cartoonish picture of busty babysitter in a ballet leotard.
weird, poop, weird, stupid
11/08/2020 Marge In Charge and the Stolen Treasure Problematic 2
Children and their babysitter have more zany adventures with their naughty baby cousin, at a public swimming pool and at their cousin's wedding. Baby cousin pulls down boy's pants- cartoonish illustration of him in his underpants. Boy said a "bad word" to his teacher so now mother has a chart to help him not say bad words anymore. Babysitter convinces little boy to wear sunscreen by telling him it will stop ladies from falling in love with him. Humor as children try to change babies dirty diaper since the babysitter doesn't know how. One of the stories in this volume takes place at the pool. A few cartoonish illustrations of busty babysitter in a bathing suit and young girl in a bikini. At wedding, the babysitter cleans paint off the back of the bride's gown and it becomes seethrough- after that the children refer to her as "Annie underpants". Boy avoids chores by saying he is temporarily blind from watching too much TV. Describe babysitter as "no smaller than an xmas elf". Cartoonish illustration of mother wearing a sleveless gown and another woman wearing a strapless gown. Groom kisses the bride "gently".
stupid, poop, stinky, weird
11/08/2020 Marge In Charge book Questionable 1
A brother and sister meet their new babysitter who seems responsible when around adults, but when they leave she takes off her hat to reveal rainbow colored hair and a personality to match. She specialized in bending their mother's rules and making things fun and somewhat out of control. Things always work out in the end. Boy love dinosaurs. Babysitter is very short and boy wonders if she is an Xmas elf. Boy wears a blazer he got for xmas. Babysitter tells stories about her supposedly royal upbringing, including a earl who taught her to tango with a rose between his teeth.