The Worst Witch


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Author: Murphy, Jill
Grades: 3 - 5
A girl goes to witch training school and has funny mishaps. A lot of magic. It is a Netflix series on the computer (but the books are not heavy into technology at all)

Comments are explicit and detailed and are intended for parents to use to determine acceptability for their children. Please read comments - do not rely on ratings alone. Books are reviewed to the best of our abilities, we apologize for any errors.

Review Date Title Rating Mini Series Series No. Comments
11/26/2020 Worst Witch and the Wishing Star Generally Acceptable 7
Girl who keeps getting into funny trouble in witch school is now a senior with more responsibilities, but unwittingly still gets into trouble. One word Hallowe'en.
stupid, manic, weirdo
11/26/2020 Worst Witch to the Rescue Generally Acceptable 6
A girl who tries to be good at witch school but gets into funny trouble is excited to hand in her vacation project until a classmate steals it and pretends it is her own.
shut up, weird, freaked out, berserk, stupid, idiot, dumb
11/26/2020 Worst Witch Saves the Day Generally Acceptable 5
A girl who keeps getting into funny trouble in witch school saves the school from the headmistress' sister who is masquerading as a teacher and wants to turn them all into snails and take over the school.
weird, shut up, berserk, stupid, creepy
11/26/2020 A Bad Spell for the worst Witch Questionable 3
A girl in witch school tries hard to be a model pupil but keeps getting into funny trouble. When a mean girl in her class turns her into a frog, she befriends another frog and finds out he is really a magician who has been waiting to be turned back into a person for a long time. She gets into even more trouble when she ties up a classmate so she can go to a Halloween celebration in her place and help the magician.
11/22/2020 The Worst Witch Strikes Again Generally Acceptable 2
The administration hopes to teach responsibility to the girl who has difficulty in witch school by giving her the job of taking care of a new girl. The new girl ends up getting her into even more funny trouble. One word mention of Hallowe'en.
11/22/2020 The Worst Witch book Generally Acceptable 1
A girl tries to adjust to witch school but she keeps getting into funny trouble. Many mentions of Halowe'en but no religion- class puts on a broomstick riding display. Mean girl exhibits bad middos towards classmate.
05/24/2018 The Worst Witch at Sea Generally Acceptable 3
A girl in witch academy keeps getting into funny trouble . She tries to smuggle her cat on the class trip and ends up accidentally saving the strictest teacher in school and also finds a treasure. One of the girls displays very bad middos but no one likes her because of it.