Superstition Mountain Mysteries


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Author: Broach, Elise
Grades: 5 - 7
Family inherits their uncle's house and the children (boys and a girl they befriended) become involved in a search for gold. Mean and somewhat scary bad guys.

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Review Date Title Rating Mini Series Series No. Comments
02/18/2021 Revenge of Superstition Mountain 3
Children decide to return the gold to the mountain before the ancient curse hurts them. In the meantime, they try to find out where the other gold is. Many spooky cemetery scenes. Scary avalanche scene. In the back of the book there are mentions of titles of some books that may or may not be appropriate also mentions of the names of the author's favorite rock music and TV shows.
Boy/girl relationship, Tznius and Negiah
Two large black and white illustration of two different women wearing skimpy dresses .The children find love letters that their uncle wrote to his "true love" but they are confused since their father described their uncle as a "player" which they describe to mean "a man who has had a lot of girlfriends at the same time, or one girlfriend after another, with no long relationships." Boy notices his aunt looks "positively giddy" when she is around her boyfriend (towards the end of the book they get engaged)- some minor negiah between them- she puts a hand on his shoulder, he tucks his arm around her waist and pulls her close, etc. A lot of discussion if people believe "that there is one person for everybody...a person you're meant to be with"
Boy asks repeatedly what people think about life after death- reincarnation. His mother is very definite that "death doesn't work that way". His father is not so sure- "different religions for many centuries have had the belief in reincarnation. Hinduism, some parts of Judaism, Native American religions..." Girl who is sad that she lost her father explains she wishes her dad would come back as something and there has been a hummingbird near their house lately and that might be him. Boy is very scared since Native American woman tells him that the Thunder god is angry at him for taking gold from the mountain and he will die if he doesn't return it. In the back of the book there is a more extensive explanation of the belief in the thunder god.
creepy, weird, shut up, dumb